Andrew C Hsia
84 Orange St.
Woodbridge NJ 07095


  • To apply my education and experience in a challenge environment that will fulfill project goals using emerging technology.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Significant experience in a computer laboratory environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt quickly in changing environments and with diverse cultures.
  • Able to work well under pressure.
  • Proficient in UNIX, PC, and database applications, as well as in C++, C, Perl, Pascal, Visual Basic, and shell language.
  • Fluent in English and Chinese.
  • Exceptional analytical problem-solving ability.


New Jersey Institute of Technology - 1995 4 graduate courses as career enhencement
Rutgers University - 1994 Bachelor of Science in Coumputer Science

Professional Experience

AT&T Bell Laboratories 5/1995 - Present
  • Leading a system administrative team supporting 9 projects with 700+ users
  • Install, configure, and troubleshooting various model of Sun Sparc servers and workstations
  • Install, configure, and troubleshooting various model of HP servers and workstations
  • Design and integrate client/server environment with centralized data management and distributed computing (NIS,NIS+,DNS)
  • Install and configure Oracle, Informix, and Sybase
  • Install network print servers, mail servers, and network license servers
  • Install necessary operating system patches
  • Develope scripts to automate system administrative task
  • Install and configure automate tape backup library system in client/server environment
  • Install and configure Cisco router, x25, and datakit in UNIX environemnt
  • Install and configure MS platform server/client
  • Integrate MS client with UNIX server
  • Setup Browser, Web server and Web site
  • Design, and program home pages using HTML, Perl and Java
  • Install project development software applications
  • Migrated 5 TCP/IP networks when AT&T splits into three companies

Frigidaire 9/1993 - 2/1994 12/1994 - 5/1995

  • AS/400 Operator
  • Helpdesk in AS400,AIX,OS/2 environment supporting 300+ users
  • Use computer technology to automate manufacturing process
  • Available upon request.

Last Update: 5/9/96